Cornwall Day 1 – Finding my feet

Cornwall: Day 1 - Finding my feet in Newquay, Truro, Penzance and St Ives.  Join The Faraway Bug as we take a whistlestop tour of the UK’s Cornwall. This three part series focuses on a different area of the Cornish county in each part as we uncover tales of centuries past, try local delicacies and... Continue Reading →

Undoubtedly Barcelona

Barcelona is one of those special cities that everyone talks about and with places such as this, I often have doubts of whether they will live up to the high expectation built up from the opinions of others. Stepping off the flight into the balmy Spanish air, I felt both elated and nervous of my... Continue Reading →

Switzerland – Lauterbrunnen

If you look hard enough you will notice that there is more than snow squirrelled away in the Swiss Alps. Hidden between the mountains are small picture perfect villages and Lauterbrunnen is one of these. Situated in a valley between 2 sheer cliffs, this quaint little place with its chocolate box houses is a travellers... Continue Reading →

Monument Valley

Three years ago I embarked on the second big trip of my life and spent six weeks trekking around North America. Here is a tale of a place I visited on the way... A few days over the halfway point of the trip and leaving the bright lights of Las Vegas behind us, my companions... Continue Reading →

Making time for Travel

The more and more I see of the world, the more I realise that a lot of people out there don’t make time for themselves a priority. While the rewards of grinding that “work” grindstone make us smile on payday, unless you love your job, the everyday reality of job-land for the rest of the... Continue Reading →

Out of the blue

We have all come across travel threads with questions that seem a little strange. It might have been about the oddball hot topic of the moment or something that seems completely off the wall. What were your thoughts?  While roaming about online recently, I came across one such thread on one of my regular travel... Continue Reading →

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