Making time for Travel

Making time for me

The more and more I see of the world, the more I realise that a lot of people out there don’t make time for themselves a priority. While the rewards of grinding that “work” grindstone make us smile on payday, unless you love your job, the everyday reality of job-land for the rest of the month could be robbing you of something far more valuable…joy.

We are all told of the importance of self-care in our hectic daily lives and I fully accept the concept but believe it exists in two elements, daily care and ongoing fulfilment. We need to be healthy both inside and out to go about our business without curling up in a ball to cry at the end of the day. But ongoing fulfilment is self-care on a deeper level and is personal to each of us, allowing us to go through life with passion and purpose, through our experiences of good and bad. 

It has taken me a while plus years of ignoring and dismissing the strong urge in me to travel. But I finally understand. I’m at a place where I recognise why exploring is so important to me. I create my trips. Every single element is my design, from where I stay to what I eat that day to what activities or excursions I take part in. I embrace the energy I get from planning and then living through my travels. I welcome the unexpected twists of the road and allow myself to bask in the good times and recover from the bad. And each time I do this in a different location, with a different culture and different views of the world. 

Travel is my version of self-care. It is my time for being creative, my balance of life lived outside the everyday. Making time for travel is my making time for me. 

I urge you to go out there and find your own road, I can promise you will feel more alive than ever. And if you happen to find yourself at the top of snowy Everest or in the sultry Borneo forests send me a photo! 


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