Out of the blue

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We have all come across travel threads with questions that seem a little strange. It might have been about the oddball hot topic of the moment or something that seems completely off the wall. What were your thoughts? 

While roaming about online recently, I came across one such thread on one of my regular travel groups. The question was from a traveller asking about the safety of a location following reports of attacks on tourists in the last few months. It seemed like a case of some simple reassurance and I was surprised to see the negative comments from other members directed at the enquirer.

As a long-time traveller, I have always thought of travel groups and fellow travellers as individuals who are open to new situations and experiences, with the positive side-effect of making us less judgemental types. It was saddening to see that in this instance, this was not the case. This person was being judged without any thought being given as to why the question had been asked in the first place. 

The popular opinion among the negative comments was that any destination is as risky for travellers as the next. Yes, there is an element of truth here, but it seems rude to dismiss the person without any attempt to find out the facts. What if it was the person’s first solo trip? Would it be a worthwhile question if the person asking had been attacked in their past? Many questions asked stem from anxiety or similar conditions, could this be the reason for the question? 

As a member of social media travel groups, I would hope that I could ask advice from others in the group and receive understanding. Interestingly, the few positive responses were from those who had been faced with similar situations. Something I have learnt through travel is not to take anything at face value. Even if bad situations occur, it is very often linked to a wider, more complex issue and not just happening out of the blue. 


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