Edinburgh – A historical guide

If there is anywhere that could rival Oxford as the City of spires, it would be Edinburgh. The Scottish Capital has a history spanning centuries, with layer upon layer of streets that guide you through the city’s lifeline. It would be impossible for me to cover every facet of this sensational location.However I will try... Continue Reading →


Dublin is a city with a past. Remains of tall chimneyed buildings and old factory signs on street walls hint at Dublin’s industrial history. With many factories still in use and the faint smell of hops in the air, you need only close your eyes to imagine the bustling city life as it was in... Continue Reading →

How to cosy up to Autumn

Autumn is absolutely my favourite time of year. The change in seasons seems to move so quickly with surroundings shifting before your very eyes. Nature comes in to its own and shows us its rustic rainbow of reds and oranges. And every creature seems to be bustling, busying themselves in readiness for the shorter days... Continue Reading →

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