How to cosy up to Autumn

Autumn is absolutely my favourite time of year. The change in seasons seems to move so quickly with surroundings shifting before your very eyes. Nature comes in to its own and shows us its rustic rainbow of reds and oranges. And every creature seems to be bustling, busying themselves in readiness for the shorter days ahead. Something about the knowing cool feel to the air as the nights draw in just makes me smile. Maybe it’s the promise of catching up with friends at bonfires, drinking steaming mugs of hot chocolate or mulled cider or the lazy time I am guaranteed to spend amongst cozy blankets with books and movies. But I also like the feeling of winding down for the year and taking stock of everything I’ve done. Everyone might be sad to see Summer go but who says that Autumn can’t be fun, so here for you are some of my best ideas for making the most of this Autumn.

Walking in Nature – Getting out of the city and exploring the countryside is fabulous at this time of year. Think crunching leaves and throwing sycamore pinwheels up in the air as you walk through a forest. I’m not one for old wives tails, but the one about keeping conkers in your house to ward off spiders has worked for me so far! Get those wellies on and out in that crispy air to kick up the leaves and keep watch for squirrels and hedgehogs. Or enjoy a clear, quiet sunset as the temperature drops on an evening stroll. 

Enjoy the seasonal rainbow – Fall is the prettiest time of year. This season gifts us with fire-like oranges and yellows and rustic reds and browns in the leaves on the trees, in the foods we are harvesting and the bonfires lit at this colder time of year. It is simply beautiful.

Home-time – Even the laziest of cooks can get into the spirit of baking in Autumn. There is a plethora of vegetables and Fruit in Autumn that lend themselves to hearty homemade dishes, the perfect comfort foods for warming up in the chillier evenings. Traditionally the time for pickling and jam-making, I love spending time in my kitchen cooking crumbles, cakes and casseroles. Top it off with some delicious spiced wine and you will feel golden. Dinner at mine!

Snuggle-time – Once the shorter days and cooler temperatures come rolling in, its time to swap those summer shorts and flipflops for soft, woolly jumpers and slipper boots. While I love the lightness of the coat-free Summer, by Autumn I am ready to cosy on up. Autumn is the beginning of guilt-free indoor time and reading the day away in a duvet cocoon. Treat your friends to movie nights with hot chocolate, marshmallow toasting over candles and sofa-blankets!      

Don’t hide from the fun: Seasonal events – Some of these festivals may be more popular in some parts of the world more than others but with so many events taking place, I heartily believe that we can all enjoy celebrating in our own ways. A few of the festivals include Harvest Festival/Halloween/Divali/Day of the Dead/Guy Fawkes night/Thanksgiving/Rosh Hashanah. So catch up with friends, make some festive food and decorations and enjoy!

Don’t say the C word, (but its ok to start thinking about it) – The anticipation of the build up to shhhhh Christmastime is unrivalled. The Christmas markets, the food markets, the craft markets and that’s not all…..ok the markets are a very small but enjoyable part of Christmas. But something I think we can all agree on is that this day is about sharing time with people you care about and that is something worth looking forward to.

Winter wonderlands – My last tip for this colourful period is of course to plan, plan, plan a trip. Not only is this a nice time of year to have a break away to look forward to, but with the slowing day of pace for the Winter season it is the perfect moment to spend some real time searching for deals and finding out about those idyllic destinations. There is something extremely satisfying about knowing you are heading for some time in the sun in the middle of winter and if you are a snow bunny, then embrace the cold with a trip to a snowy destination.

So there you have it, 7 ways to fall in love with this beautiful season. Whatever you get up to this Autumn, I hope you enjoy every second! If you liked this article, please share it and if you have some more ideas to celebrate the Fall season, I would love to hear from you!

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