The land of snow and ice has long held a fascination for millions around the globe. Well known for its stunning landscapes and natural wonders, Iceland also remains the most popular country to travel to for a view of the phenomenal Aurora Borealis. What else can you expect to find here? The Faraway Bug talks to friend Jill to find out more…. 

What took you to Iceland?

It was my husband’s 30th birthday. We both wanted to go to Iceland, it looked like a special place even in the cold, so pretty in pictures. 

What was life like there?

It was quite quiet. We stayed in Selfoss which is outside of Rekjavik and we didn’t see many people at all. 

What was your most memorable experience?

The lodge we hired was in the middle of nowhere and had a hot tub outside. Getting into the water, surrounded by the dark scenery with snow landing on your head was pretty memorable. 

Was there anything that made your trip more difficult?

Well I was six months pregnant at the time. We had booked the trip beforehand, but it made getting round and doing things more difficult. We took a trip to these waterfalls with great views at the top. I could only make it about half way up, so my husband went right up and took photos for me.

Describe the place in 3 words?

Iceland is beautiful, peaceful and special.

Favourite food or drink?

This kaffi we went to had this special Icelandic lamb soup which was amazing.

Favourite location to visit?

Gulfoss, which is where the waterfall were.

Describe your perfect day in Iceland…

Breakfast at a lodge with food from home, we heard that food was expensive there so we took some pieces with us. Then take a hire car on a Golden Circle tour to see Gulfoss, geysirs and Thingvellir National park. 

After that I would go to the local hot springs, Langarvatn Fontana. There are three pools, each with a different temperature. They are heated from below and overlook a lake. You can also bake your own lava bread using the natural heat.   

Did anything surprise you about Iceland?

How easy it is to get around. The roads are really good.

If you had one tip for readers visiting Iceland, what would it be?

Hire a car. There is lots of travelling to get between places and there is often places to see on the way, so it nice to stop where you want. Also do your research about extra car insurance to make sure you are covered.

Would you go back?

Yep. I originally wanted to dog sled which I couldn’t do this time. I would stay in Rekjavik. We stayed for 5 days on this trip but it would be good to stay for longer, to see some of the glaciers further around the island.

Visit Gulfoss waterfalls –

Langarvatn Fontana –

Thingvellir NP –

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