Visiting Piazzale Michelangelo

Why visiting Piazzale Michelangelo should be on your Florence hitlist Florence is a city full of captivating sights. It is impossible not to be swept away to times of Italy past here, where the very veins of history run through the tall, narrow streets as a enticing trail leading visitors from breathtaking scene to breathtaking... Continue Reading →

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre or the "Five Lands" sits along the western coast of Italian Tuscany. Built into the jagged cliff side, these interconnected towns are part of a UNESCO heritage site. Each with their own secluded bay and pretty scenery, it is easy to see why visitors flock here each year. But there is a local... Continue Reading →

Tales of Terror from New Orleans

New Orleans reminds me of a cat with nine lives. It has survived so many disasters and the city rises today upon layers and layers of its historical past. The residents of New Orleans love their unique city and revel in its supernatural atmosphere. Ghost tours are a popular pastime and guides relay tales and... Continue Reading →

Hawaii is one of those dream destinations. A tropical blend of palm beaches, volcanic mountains and jungle forests, there is plenty to occupy tourists in the island’s natural surroundings. Hawaii is somewhere that is on most bucket lists, but what makes it such a popular choice? The Faraway Bug spoke to friend Amy to find... Continue Reading →

Edinburgh – A literary guide

One of Edinburgh’s many assets is its link to some of the literary greats, both past and present. Edinburgh has definitely seen its fair share of academic achievement with schools, statues and monuments recognising those of the highest worth.   Sir Walter Scott The largest tribute in Edinburgh and in the world for a writer was... Continue Reading →

The Art of Solo Travel

As someone who is comfortable with themselves and appreciates time by themselves, I have never been worried about starting out on a solo trip. I’ve always valued the freedom of being able to sit quietly and uninterrupted with a book on a flight or looking at a map and thinking where do I want to... Continue Reading →

Genoa the Great

My visit to Genoa coincidentally was the week before the news of the major bridge collapse on the outskirts echoed around the world. The city has had some bad press this last year. None the less, Genoa or Genova has a lot to share with travellers searching for a slice of Italy past. This long... Continue Reading →

My Travel Prep

Travel prep is one of my favourite rituals. It gets you thinking about your trip and only adds to the excitement of going away. Through our travels we have honed our packing skills and have an essential checklist that we run through when organising each trip. Here is a handy checklist for use so you... Continue Reading →

In this piece we explore the home of rum, salsa and cigars. A place where vintage American classics own the roads and colourful communities give way to white sand beaches. Join The Faraway Bug with longtime friend Clive as we talk about life on the Caribbean island of Cuba.   So Clive, What took you to... Continue Reading →

The Ivy: An Icon

Celebrating its birthday with special events this month, The Faraway Bug took a trip to The Ivy in the Lanes to experience the eating icon for ourselves. Sitting under a bar centrepiece which is gold and glitters, with champagne and fresh flavoured cocktails, I felt like an elegant lady about town surrounded by glamour. And... Continue Reading →

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